Mehdi Allahyari Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Georgia Southern University

Phone: (912) 478-1357


I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department of Georgia Southern University. Before joining Georgia Southern, I had been a full-time lecturer of computer science at the University of Georgia for a year. I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Georgia, working with the Professor Krys Kochut. My Ph.D. dissertation is "Semantic Web Topic Models: Integrating Ontological Knowledge and Probabilistic Topic Models" [ PDF]. My research focuses on Machine Learning and Semantic Web Mining, particularly developing probabilistic and statistical models for natural language text applications such as recommendation, document classification, document summarization and clustering. For more details, please see Research Section.

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, The University of Georgia, 2010 - 2016

  • B.SC. in Applied Mathematics, The University of Kashan, Iran, 2001 - 2005


My research interests include Machine Learning, Semantic Web, Topic Models, information retrieval and text processing. I am particularly interested in developing and combining machine learning (e.g. deep learning) techniques with prior knowledge (background knowledge) such as ontologies and Linked Open Data (LOD) for analyzing large-scale text data. I am also very interested in creating domain specific knowledge graphs and question answering.


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Spring 2020
Fall 2019
  • CSCI 3432 - Database Management Systems
  • CSCI 1302 - Programming Principles II
Spring 2019
  • CSCI 1301 - Programming Principles I
  • CSCI 1302 - Programming Principles II
Fall 2018
  • CSCI 5436 - Distributed Web System Design (CRN 85620)
  • CSCI 1302 - Programming Principles II (CRN 88802)
Spring 2018
  • CSCI 1302 - Programming Principles II (CRN 10185)
  • CSCI 5090/7090 - Machine Learning (CRN 18045, CRN 11783)
Fall 2017
  • CSCI 1301 - Programming Principles I (CRN 80227)
Summer 2017
  • CSCI 2610 - Discrete Mathematics for CS students (CRN 51972)
Spring 2017
  • CSCI 1302 - Software Development (CRN 36424)
  • CSCI 4300 - Web Programming (CRN 26666, CRN 41126)
Fall 2016
  • CSCI 1302 - Software Development (CRN 16468, CRN 16471)
  • CSCI 4300 - Web Programming (CRN 31786)

Professional Activities


Email: mallahyari [at] georgiasouthern [dot] edu